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I make things occasionally.

Whack A Mole - 3/10/2021

On this game you click the moles and get a high score. It's peer to peer and the person with the high score is saved to Zenbase


Hang Man - 3/7/2021

Classic hangman, no mobile support, so use your keyboard. Also the font is handwritten. :dab:


Tic Tac Toe - 2/24/2021

On this game you and a friend take turns clicking the squares to get 3 in a row. It has random emojis


Pixor / Pixip - 3/14/2021

Random 15x20 pixel sprites? images? something for sure. (Pixip is v1 where it is symmetrical)

Pixor Pixip Pixor 2

Mine Swiffer© - 9/30/2021

Like that microsoft game, but with more dank memes and less good code.


Splatter News - 1/22/2023

I was learning how to use APIs, so I made a copy of HackerNews, if it was in the splatoon universe.


Textris - 3/16/2023

Wanted to make Tetris, made something like tetris. Shapes coming soon™

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Not Wordle - 4/9/2023

You may think this is Wordle. It is not.


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