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#About me

I make things occasionally.

Whack A Mole

On this game you click the moles and get a high score. It's peer to peer and the person with the high score is saved to Zenbase


Hang Man

Classic hangman, no mobile support, so use your keyboard. Also the font is handwritten. :dab:


Tic Tac Toe

On this game you and a friend take turns clicking the squares to get 3 in a row. It has random emojis


Pixor / Pixip

Random 15x20 pixel sprites? images? something for sure. (Pixip is v1 where it is symmetrical)

Pixor Pixip

Mine Swiffer©

Like that microsoft game, but with more dank memes and less good code.


Aaron Fye's Face

Here is a picture of my face